Senior management from nine EMS operators gathered in Beirut, Lebanon on 3 and 4 July for an EMS symposium to shape the “EMS vision 2024” for the Arab region.

In general, e-commerce in the Arab region is still in the early stages of development and so there is a huge opportunity for Arab Posts to work with SMEs to develop their international e-commerce. In most Arab countries, the government is committed to supporting the e-commerce through developing the transportation infrastructure and establishing policies that promote cross border trade.

EMS operators at the event worked together to show how they are responding to these cross-border trade opportunities. LibanPost (Lebanon), EMS Champion (part of Algeria Post Group), Qatar Post and Jordan Post all shared best practices and their successful growth strategies. Top trade-lane partners France and America also provided a view on the international opportunities available for EMS growth in the Arab region.

In anticipation of growth of cross border e-commerce throughout the Arab region, EMS operators are assessing the service enhancements, marketing and internal processes to position EMS as the preferred service among shippers. Market research presented at the symposium offered ideas not just for long-term growth strategies but also many actionable opportunities for EMS growth, such as working more closely with the Arab region’s tourism industry or to make EMS simpler and more convenient for customers.

Arab EMS operators left the event with a clear EMS vision for 2024 and ready to meet market demands resulting from the rapid growth of e-commerce in the Arab region.

Thanks to LibanPost for hosting the event.